Everglades Geological Society

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Editor: Shanna Stingu

Text Box: Vice-President: William “Mike” Mitchell, Mitchell Geological Associates


Director: Dr. James McDonald, PhD, Florida Gulf Coast University

Past President, webmaster: David Kluesner, Certified Petroleum Geologist #5355 (AAPG)

David has a BS in geology from Indiana University. He and his family moved to Florida in 2010 after a thirty-three-year international career as a petroleum geologist and manager for Shell. After moving to Florida he completed a MS in Environmental Science at Florida Gulf Coast University with thesis research on the seasonal erodibility and bioturbation of mixed-muddy cohesive sediments in the Caloosahatchee River estuary of southwestern Florida. He teaches occasionally as an adjunct professor of geology at FGCU.

E-mail: dfkluesner@gmail.com




Mike has worked nearly 50 years as a professional geologist. He has a degree in geology from Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana, and attended Graduate school in Geology at the University of Kentucky and is currently a licensed geologist in Kentucky, Indiana and Louisiana. Mike has worked as a petroleum geologist in both major company and independent company environments in the oil and gas industry, and has served as a project geologist and Branch Manager in a national environmental consulting firm, as a research geologist at the Indiana Geological Survey, and served as the president of an Environmental firm owned by a refinery. He is currently engaged in providing geological consulting to oil and gas clients in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee with another petroleum geologist, Bill Mann, who is retired from the US EPA Underground Injection Control Branch.